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Stop being pressed
The St. Louis metro ranks No. 13 in the nation for ozone, which amplifies asthma, especially in kids — and No. 8 for year-round particulate matter, which can lead to cancer, according to the American Lung Association’s latest “State of the Air” survey. Summer heat only makes these problems worse (as does tear gas), and St. Louis summers are bound to only get hotter.
What white people mean when they say integration:
Michael Brown shouldn’t have been killed for standing his ground.
Black Anacostians have a history of fishing and subsisting off the river, and some still do (even though it’s a health risk). Children have been baptized in that river. Feuer seemed to want to simulate a similar baptism with her installation: The submerged gas station would have been pulled from the water a few months after installed, hopefully creating a renewed energy for renewable energy among those who saw it.

But no baptism takes place without a commitment first to joining the church community. And so it is with environmental justice: We need tighter commitments with these communities.
— Public art, environment, history, and the locals all collide in the Anacostia River
The Crooked Ladder: The criminal’s guide to upward mobility.